Full Time Day Care Plans 

Birth – 23 months – $195.00/week
24 months and older – $165.00/week

*With full time tuition,  the facility is available at your convenience 6 days a week (closed on Sundays) with a 50 hour maximum (after 50 hours, hourly rates will apply).

There are no contracts to sign, no monthly fees.

$8.00 per hour first child
$7.25 per hour second child*
$7.00 per hour each additional child*
$9.50 per hour for first infant*
$8.75 per hour for second infant*

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$30 registration for 1st sibling and $15 for each additional, if children are 2 or older.
If there is any infant, it is $50 for registration and $15 for siblings.
After your first year, annual registration drops to $10 per child.

Pizza Monday (12:00PM) – $3.50